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Michelle is an Australian trained ophthalmologist committed to providing high quality, patient-focused and evidence-based care.

Michelle was educated at the University of Melbourne Medical School and undertook her early resident years as a junior doctor in the prestigious Royal Melbourne Hospital. She then entered the Royal Australian College of Surgeons training scheme and rotated through the neurosurgery, cardiothoracic, plastics, maxillofacial and urology departments. Michelle acquired skills and knowledge important for managing any health condition.

Prior changing to ophthalmology, Michelle worked as an unaccredited ophthalmology registrar in the ophthalmology department at Flinders Medical Centre. She then entered the Victorian ophthalmology training scheme at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne. Her ophthalmology training gave her an in depth understanding of diseases affecting the eye including glaucoma, cataract, diabetes, macular degeneration and retinal vein occlusion. Michelle also received comprehensive procedural training and became proficient in surgeries for such conditions as glaucoma, cataract and pterygium, and also with laser for glaucoma and retinal conditions. Following the completion of her ophthalmology training Michelle undertook a further 2 ½ years of glaucoma fellowship training.  First at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, and then in the United Kingdom at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital followed by the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. This advanced glaucoma training equipped Michelle with further skills and subspecialty interests in novel surgical techniques to manage advanced glaucoma (trabeculectomy surgery, Baerveldt and Paul tube implantation, Micropulse/Cyclodiode Laser and Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery techniques, such as PreserFlo microshunt and XEN implants) and complex cataract surgery.

Michelle is a clinician scientist with an interest in public health and clinical research. Concurrent with her ophthalmology training, Michelle completed a PhD in 2010 on Retinal Signs in Cerebrovascular Disease at the Centre for Eye Research Australia, University of Melbourne. She has published over 18 peer-reviewed publications, with over 10 as first author.

Michelle also has a special interest in blindness prevention specific to indigenous eye health and developing world ophthalmology. Michelle volunteered with the National Indigenous Eye Health Survey to establish the state of Indigenous eye health in the Pilbara region of North Western Australia. Michelle has also worked closely with ophthalmologists in the Solomon Islands when she was the Principal Investigator of the Solomon Islands National Ocular Trauma Audit (SINOTA) which formed the research project for her Master of Public Health. SINOTA and the subsequent publications have formed the basis for blindness prevention programs in the Western Pacific.



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2010: Retinal Signs and Cerebrovascular Disease, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

MB BS 2003, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Assoc. Science 1998, Capilano College, British Columbia, Canada


Fellow, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology
Member, Australian and New Zealand Glaucoma Society
Member, United Kingdom and Eire Glaucoma Society


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