Eyemedics SA are local Adelaide Ophthalmologists specialising in cataracts & cataract surgery. Their state of the art consulting suites are located at 57 Greenhill Road Wayville SA 5034

What is a cataract?

A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens, which is normally transparent. The lens is responsible for focusing light onto your retina (at the back of your eye) so you can see images clearly. As the cataract becomes increasingly cloudy, so too does your vision.

When do I need surgery?

Surgery is recommended when the cataract starts to impact on your daily activities or when your ophthalmologist advises it’s necessary to remove the cataract to keep your eye healthy.

What is the wait time for a cataract assessment appointment?

At Eyemedics, we are dedicated to promptly addressing your eye health needs. Typically, we aim to arrange your cataract assessment within 2-3 weeks from your initial inquiry.

How is the cataract removed?

The cataract is removed with a self-healing incision to the eye. A device that uses ultrasound waves breaks up the cataract and removes it from the eye. A new plastic lens - called an intraocular lens (IOL) implant - is then positioned in your eye, taking the place of your old lens.

What happens after surgery?

After the eye patch is removed, most people find their vision has improved. Your eye may be sensitive to touch so you should avoid rubbing your eye as well as strenuous activity.

Are there any long term complications of cataract surgery?

After the initial healing stage, an IOL implant will not restrict your lifestyle and will provide many years of clear vision. In some cases, the lens capsule may become cloudy. This cloudiness is easily remedied by laser treatment. It’s quick and painless and may be performed in the consulting rooms.

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