New Eyemedics Ophthalmologists practice in Glenelg

Eyemedics Glenelg Building

Founded in 2004, Eyemedics Ophthalmologists is an ever-expanding team specialising in the medical and surgical care of the eyes and vision. Now located out of a more local and easily accessible premises on Moseley Street in Glenelg, we’re here to continue to care for your valued patients.

Our Ophthalmologists have the latest technology and procedures at their fingertips so they can confidently deliver a full range of Ophthalmic services. 

Our eye specialists are leaders in their field—diagnosing, treating, and managing conditions and diseases of the eye, including:

 Cataracts    Diabetic Eye Disease
 Retinal Detachment    Glaucoma
 Strabisimus    Cornea
 Macular Degeneration    Uveitis


If you are a patient, please contact your doctor or optometrist for a referral.

The contact form is to be used by doctors and optometrists only.

Contact Eyemedics today, call 8294 5222 or fill out the form below for us to come and introduce ourselves to you.